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Earthen Eulogies
repurposed/natural/found materials Installations

This site specific installtion series aims to cultivate dialogues about human mortality and natural occurring decay through a death positive perspective while simultaneously highlighting the venality of environmental degradation caused by our consumerist society and how it intersects with racial inequalities, colonialism, and class disparities.

The imagery speaks to loss, degradation of memory, hegemonic power structures of religion, and the haunting beauty of natural occurring entropy contrasted with the ugliness of human caused ecological destruction and how by relating to these concepts we can be more thoughtful individuals to each other and our planet. 

The materials used in this project are all repurposed/natural/found materials frozen in a glaze of black spary paint emulating a funerary shroud. The imagery created by the “shrine” like religious iconography aims to connect the viewer to a reverence for the beauty of their own mortality and the sanctity and fragility of the nature around us all. 

The series has been displayed at: 
5th Annual Art Massive, Expo Art Center, Bixby Knolls, CA
Gallery 23, a miniature community public art gallery developed by Dave Clark, Long Beach, CA

TRYST, developed by Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
Prismatic, SpaceTime Collaborative, Long Beach, CA

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