And the rest is rust and stardust.
- Vladimir Nabokov

photograph by: Frankie Orozco, 2020,

Hope Ezcurra is a self taught artist with a focus on environmental and death positive themes.

The vast majority of her artwork is memento mori (Latin: remember you must die). She is drawn to creating macabre imagery because of its universality. The imagery is meant to evoke that sense of being small and large at the same time. Her artwork speaks to the terminal elegance of life and fragility of nature. Entropy and death is both what links all life together and tears it apart. In her artwork the cadaverous represents a connection to something larger, like staring up at the stars at night. Her artwork is a reminder of the dust that we came from and will eventually return to.

Her curatorial projects and art work are a love letter to the rust and stardust in all of us.


Spray Paint





Long Beach, CA, US

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Online, Group Show ,

Imprints: Past & Present

Posted Online December18th, Group Show ,

Call and Response: round 13

Posted Online April 17th, Group Show , 

Art of the Axe

July 17- August 8, Group Show, Flatline Gallery, Long Beach CA

Recognizing the Unseen 

July 23rd-August 8th, Group Show, The Garage Kunsthalle, Berlin Germany 


UpComiNG SHOws



August 28th- August 29th, Pop-up, Del Amo Crossing, Torrance CA


Flowers and Gods (part 1)

August 22nd- September 12th, Group Show, Eye Square Kunsthalle, Berlin Germany 




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